Magnet motor research

Pure Energy Systems Wiki Directory of magnet motors

JLN Labs Magnetic motors reseaches

Flying Dutschman Projects Permanent magnet motors & experiments

Japan Inc Kohei Minato and the Japan Magnetic Fan Company

Rex Research Kohei Minato Magnet motors (article, patents, posts, emails & press release)

Rex Research Howard Johnson magnet motors (article, presentation, patents & comments)

The Tom Bearden Website Howard Johnson motors (texts & photos)

The Tom Bearden Website The Astronaut's Magnetic Boots

John Bedini Monopole motors & radiant energy

KeelyNet TOMI - Theory of Magnetic Instability

Cavity structural effect

KeelyNet Chapter 5 of Viktor Grebennikov's My World book + notes

Rex Research Two articles in New Energy Technologies by Alexander Frolov

Matri-x Viktor Grebennikov's books & articles (in Russian)

Pyramid research

Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association Articles

Pyramids in Russia Scientific researches

High Voltage research

JLN Labs Lightweight HV power supply

Blaze labs Research Design of lightweight HV power supplies

Blaze Labs Research Electrohydrodynamic thrusters performance comparison

Web pages of interest

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Dreamhill Research Facility The early work with Marcel Vogel

Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal Archives

Exploration Science Research reprints (ether physics, electrical theory and more)

Vladimir Utkin Free energy: Nikola Tesla secrets for everybody

Nikola Tesla Selected Writings

Patrick J. Kelly Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices

Thomas Townsend Brown Family Website

John Searl Searl Effect Generator

Pier Luigi Ighina Solar-Terrestrial Rhythm & magnetic atom

James DeMeo Research Website

Trevor J. Constable Etheric Rain Engineering

Wilbert B. Smith Tensor coil, gravity control & new science

Shinichi Seike Mobius coil & G-energy

Marcel Vogel Quartz crystals

Johann Grander Water revitalizing

Walter Russell The University of Science and Philosophy

SparkMuseum The Development of the Electric Motor